Food Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: How to Get New Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN) in China

Time : 28 June 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
In accordance with Food Safety Law of the people’s Republic of China, companies who plan to use new substances (including new food contact resins and new food contact additives) or enlarge usage scope of existing food contact materials or products on Chinese market shall submit related safety assessment material to National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China (former NHFPC). In order to help companies to get the FCN in China successfully, this Webinar will focus on the interpretation of the notification procedures, required dossiers, testing, toxicological information, duration, etc.
Cosmetic Summit

The 4th Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia-Pacific

Time : 21 June 2018
Location : Hangzhou, China
Lang. : Chinese, English
Cost : 3600RMB/ Person

In order to help enterprises have an in-depth understanding of supervisory policies of cosmetics and their raw materials in the Europe Union, the United State and Asia-Pacific, and promote the communication on safety management for cosmetic products, China Association for Consumer Product Quality and Safety Promotion (CACPQSP) and Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service (CIRS) jointly host the 4th Summit Meeting on Cosmetic Regulations in Asia-Pacific on 21-22 June 2018.

Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Latest Updates on Registration of food for special medical purpose (FSMP) in China

Time : 12 June 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
Up to 23 April 2018, 6 products successfully get the registration certificate for food for special medical purpose (FSMP). All the registered FSMP fall under the category FSMP for 0 to 12 months old infant. Among these products, five of them are imported products and one product is domestic. There are less than 9 months left before the end of transitional period for FSMP. In order to help companies have a good understanding of FSMP registration, this webinar will focus on the duration, procedure as well as dossier preparation for FSMP. The registration of FSMP for infants 0-12 months of age will be emphasized.
Cosmetic Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Regulatory Requirements of Infant Care Products in China

Time : 29 May 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
This webinar will focus on the requirements of regulatory compliance for infant care products in China. The contents will cover but not limited in:
  • Market situation of China infant care product
  • Data analysis of approval infant care product
  • Regulatory requirements of infant care product
  • Case study
If you are a manufacturer or distributor involved in exporting infant care product to China, this webinar will provide you with necessary briefing on the situation of China market and in-depth intelligence on how these regulatory requirements affect your business. Professional suggestions/opinion will also be given for your reference, based on our previous experiences.
Agro Bio Webinar

Introduction of regulations for disinfection products in China

Time : 21 May 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
Which products should be treated as disinfection products in China? What regulations do foreign companies need to comply with when exporting disinfection products to China? How to file disinfection products in China? This webinar will give a detailed introduction to the above issues.