Chemical Webinar

CIRS Webinar: How to Deal with the New Policy of Imported Non-special Use Cosmetics Filing?

Time : 12 December 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English,Chinese
Cost : 30 USD

This webinar aims to introduce the latest new policy of imported non-special use cosmetics filing. In combination with current management environment of Chinese cosmetics, CIRS Group will guide cosmetics enterprises how to deal with the new policy. The topics will cover:

  • Introduction of new policy for the record-keeping of imported non-special use cosmetics
  • Procedures and requirements of imported cosmetics record-keeping/registration
  • Comparison of new filing mode and traditional registration/pilot filing mode in free trade zones
  • The impact of new policy on cosmetics enterprises and solutions

If you are interested in China cosmetics market, this webinar will supply comprehensive, up-to-date, timely introduction and clarification of regulations to domestic and foreign cosmetics companies. Moreover professional advice on the change of regulation will be provided by CIRS Group so that the cosmetics companies are fully prepared.

Chemical Seminar

EU-Asia Chemical Regulations Workshop - Dublin

Time : 6 December 2018
Location : Dublin
Lang. : English
Cost : 300 Euro

The ‘EU-Asia Chemical Regulations Workshop - Dublin’ organized by CIRS will be scheduled on the 6th December 2018 in Dublin. Experts from CIRS Ireland, CIRS Group Korea together with China Chemical Management Authorities will bring you the latest chemical regulations and management measures in China, Korea and Europe, as well as practical compliance solutions.

Time: 8:30 am - 15:00 pm, 6th December 2018

Location: Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge at Merrion Rd, Dublin, D04 NX33, Ireland

Sponsor/Co-sponsor: CIRS Ireland, Chemsafe Srl, Horizon Risk Consultancy Ltd

Invited Organisation: Health and Safety Authority (HSA), Irish Exporters Association (IEA), Compliance and Risks (TBD), Chemical Watch 
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: The Development of Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) in China

Time : 6 December 2018
Location : China
Lang. : Chinese, English
Cost : Free
Up to 22 October 2018, 18 FSMP products have been approved by Chinese government. Among them, 15 are infant formula for special medical purposes, 2 are nutritionally incomplete foods and 1 is nutritionally complete food. Until now, there is no more than 3 months left before the end of transitional period for FSMP registration. In order to better understand FSMP itself and its development process in China, and to facilitate registration, this webinar will focus on more clear and accurate interpretation of the definition of FSMP, as well as the history and the future of FSMP market and relevant policies in China.
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Free Webinar: Introduction of China E-Commerce Law and Its Impact on Cosmetics Companies

Time : 29 November 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English, Chinese
Cost : Free

China Electronic Commerce Law was adopted at the fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress on Aug 31, 2008. It will come into effect on Jan 1, 2019. This law is the first electronic commerce law in China. This webinar aims to introduce current management environment of cosmetics in China, main content of E-Commerce Law and the impact of changes on cosmetics enterprises. The topics will cover:

  • Current management environment of cosmetics in China
  • Main content of China E-Commerce Law
  • Introduction to Chinese Advertising Law
  • Impact of current policies on the online and offline cosmetics market and future trends
Chemical Webinar

Free Webinar: EU REACH vs. China REACH----Registration Type and Data Requirement Comparison

Time : 28 November 2018
Location : Ireland
Lang. : English
Cost : Free

The EU’s REACH chemical regulation has been well developed and implemented for many years. In the meantime, the chemical regulation of China MEP Order 7 has adopted several of the same principles and concepts of EU REACH, and thus has been dubbed “China REACH”. China REACH focuses exclusively on new chemical substances and their notification program, compared with EU REACH. CIRS would like to share a presentation which will provide the comparison between EU REACH and China REACH, with an emphasis on registration type and data requirements.