The First Imported Health Food Filing Certificate in China has been Issued


On January 25, 2018, CFDA Health Food Review Center published a Notice about the filing information of “Nature´s Nutra Zinc” (莱思纽卡牌锌滴剂) . This is the first product that gets the imported health food filing certificate since the Administration Measures on Heath Food Registration and Filing came into force on July 1, 2016. The filing applicant is “Meganutra,Inc.”, the manufacturer is “Healthy Solutions, LLC and the first imported product filing number is “食健备J201700000001”.

The detailed information of the filing certificate, product instruction, and product technical requirements are published. According to date information on the filing certificate, this product had got the filing approval on December 25, 2017. It took 1 month from the approval to the announcement to the public. Up to now, about 10 products have got the imported health food filing approval, but the filing information is not published in the official website yet. The following is the basic information about this first product.

  • Dosage form: drops 
  • Suitable crowds: 1-6 years old
  • Raw material: zinc gluconate
  • Functional component and content: 180mg zinc per bottle
  • Specification: 60ml per bottle
  • Daily intake: 1 time per day, take 0.5ml per time (13 drops)
  • Health function: supply zinc

Health food filing is much quicker than health food registration. As the first imported filing number has been given out, CIRS thinks that more imported health food will get the filing certificates in the following periods. 


The First Imported Health Food Filing Information