Nitric Acid Available for CLH Public Consultation

Parties concerned are now invited to comment on the hazard classes of nitric acid. Comments on general issues, for example on substance identification, physicochemical properties and data sources or on any unclarities in the text of the CLH dossier can be submitted. Comments on hazard classes of the substance can also be given, yet they must relate to hazard classes that are open for commenting during the public consultation in question, such as classification itself, the information considered in the proposal, the justification of the conclusions, or comments supporting the proposed classification.

Detailed information the substance is as follows:

Name of Substance

EC No.

Cas No.

Deadline for Commenting

Proposed future entry in Annex VI of CLP Regulation

nitric acid ...%



9 Jun. 2017

Nitric acid ...% (C 70%:

Ox. Liq. 3; H272 (C 65 %)
Acute Tox. 3; H331
Skin Corr. 1A; H314
Note B
ATE (inhalation): 2.1 mg/L

Nitric acid ...% (C > 70 %):

Ox. Liq. 2; H272
Acute Tox. 1; H330
Skin Corr. 1A; H314
Note B

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