Enterprises shall Include the Invoice Number and Make Only One Payment per Invoice when Paying REACH Registration Fees


When paying the REACH registration fee, enterprises shall indicate the invoice number in the reference or free text field of the payment.

If the invoice number is missing, ECHA will need to contact enterprises in writing and confirm the receipt of the payment manually in REACH-IT. Only then can the Agency confirm the financial completeness of the registration. The registration process may be delayed for this reason. In the worst-case scenario, if the relevant invoice number for the payment is not confirmed to ECHA, the registration will be rejected.

It is also important that enterprises make only one payment per invoice so that REACH-IT can successfully identify the payment.

Besides, enterprises need to pay their full registration fee by the invoice deadline, or their dossier will be rejected. Enterprises will have to will need to make a new submission. In the case of rejections, ECHA cannot refund any fees paid.

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