China to Verify Eco-toxicological Data for New Chemical Substance Notification

On 12 December 2017, China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) released the Guidance Document for On-site Verification of Eco-toxicological Data for New Chemical Substance Notification. This document is compiled to regulate the on-site verification of ecological data for new chemical substance notification.

China Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center under MEP (MEPSCC) will randomly select some of the eco-toxicological tests data for verification. MEPSCC will particularly verify the original record of the tests data as well as whether the test labs are in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

The document has been implemented since its release.

CIRS warmly suggests that enterprises applying for new chemical substance notification should pay particular attention to the verification results released on the MEPSCC official website and select a laboratory with relevant qualifications and good reputations for their eco-toxicological test in domestic. Relevant enterprises should also focus on testing method, data recording, quality control, result judgment, etc., to avoid notification failure due to the disqualified testing data.

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